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Air conditioning Algarve
air conditioning algarve
Productos air conditioner algarve
algarve air conditioning
algarve air conditioning
algarve air conditioning
algarve air conditioner
algarve air conditioning
algarve air conditioning
algarve air conditioner
algarve air conditioner
air conditioner algarve
algarve air conditioning daikin
ar condicionado general
ar condicionado algarve

air conditioning algarve
Always with the ideal temperature: in the winter and in the summer
air conditioning algarve
air conditioning algarve
air conditioning algarve

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Leading energy efficiency

Seasonal efficiencies as high as 9.00 for unbeatable A+++ energy ratings, ensuring you stay comfortable whilst minimising carbon emissions and significantly reducing running costs.

Motion detection

The unit comes equiped with a motion sensor that detects if people are present and adjust airflow to avoid draughts as well as automatically ramping down if no people are detected. This saves energy for your home and ensures maximum comfort for occupants.

Award winning comfort

When it’s cooler outside, the heat pump system delivers low-energy heating with minimal maintenance. With constant heating power down to -15c it can even replace traditional heating systems.

Winner of the Good Design Award - available in full silver or full white matt to fit into any interior seamlessly.

Smart operation

The Hi-Kumo app turns your smartphone into a programmable remote control. Use the app to turn units on or off, adjust the temperature and fan speed, and set custom schedules from anywhere in the world







Possibility of linking up to 8 inside units to a single outdoor unit.


 Air Conditioning Models:
Algarve, Portugal


air conditioning algarve
air conditioning algarve air conditioning algarve air conditioning algarve

Air Conditioning and its Benefits

Air conditioning is the system that is used to cool surroundings and in-house atmosphere in less time. Now a days, air conditioning systems are extensively used in offices and homes, because an air conditioner can provide many benefits in terms of comfort and relaxation to the people. Air conditioning system decreases the humidity in the air and maintains the quality of air.

Air conditioning systems are particularly used in factories or stores, as they are beneficial in providing ventilation and air purification.

Benefits at home:
Provides comfortable sleep during summer and in hot nights.
Breathing problems of people can be reduced and can be relieved from problems like running noses and watery eyes. It provides benefits to people suffering from allergies and hay fever (allergic reaction to pollens).
It helps to prevent air pollution and provides health friendly environment in urban or densely populated areas by air purification.

Earlier, air-conditioner was recognized as an item of luxury, but now it has become the item of necessity. Without AC, it is becoming difficult for people to survive in summer (severe hot) season. Air-conditioning made windows less essential. From the time of invention, Air Conditioners have been a beneficial equipment till now. Now, it is used almost for all commercial, residential, and industrial purposes.


air conditioning algarve

algarve air conditioning
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